Active X Controls-Fix Yours Today!

If you are not a computer geek and you find yourself encountering errors when you browse the internet, like programs that would not run or can’t be installed, don’t be upset. Chances are your issue is about your Active X controls. The good news is you don’t have to be a tech savvy to fix your Active X errors.

Active X controls determine how applications transfer or distribute information over the internet in different languages. An active x control is downloadable and executable from a web browser usually Internet Explorer (IE), and has complete control of the Windows Operating System such as Windows XP or Windows Vista. If you have downloaded an Active X Control, it becomes an element of your Operating System enabling your operating system to perform many tasks such as animation, effects, and allows for interactive programs to run and communicate with one another.

This great control over Microsoft’s Windows Operating System, however, comes with certain risks and security issues like viruses, spyware, adware that may wreak havoc to your computer. Usually, you will have to allow it first before an active x control is installed to your computer usually through internet explorer. But there are instances where an active x control is installed automatically without your
permission, and by the time you know it, your computer is already infected with these security risks.

Here are simple steps that you can follow to fix and prevent an Active X Control error:

How to enable Active X control prompt
1. Open Internet Explorer.

2. Go to tools. On the tools dropdown menu, click internet options. Click the security tab.

3. On the security tab, click the button that says custom level. Look for the section that says Active X Controls, then enable automatic prompting for Active X Controls (IE 7) or enable prompt under all settings (IE 6 and below) except for `Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting` or Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins` that are both safe to enable.

Compatibility Issue

1. Download a compatibility patch

2. Once downloaded and installed, restart your computer.

3. Go to the webpage where you received the prompt for the compatibility issue, the patch should be able to resolve the issue.

Active X errors from uninstalled software

1. Reinstall the software, or the files that are missing. This will generally resolve the issue.

2. If you’re not very confident with identifying the missing files, copy the error that you see on your computer screen, then type the error exactly as it appears in the search bar of your browser. You will be able to pull up several sites that will tell you details about the error and how to easily fix said error/s

Aside from doing the steps above, you may also want to visit the Microsoft website that has huge resources for Active X Controls errors and how to fix them, including the ability to search by error codes or names.

Another one-step method to prevent and fix Active X Controls errors is to use registry fix or cleaner. It shall ensure that your computer is free from errors that may be caused by invalid registry entries.

Most importantly, you are empowered to decide whether to run an active x control in your system. It’s a good thing that technology makes it possible for you to take some easy steps to resolve issues associated with it.