Active Directory- An effective solution to all admin tasks

With the increment in staff count the organization’s network will also expand, which will in turn call for a more systematic maintenance and monitoring to smoothly run the organization and establish uninterrupted communication. But, the complexity in the administrative works increases as per the increase in organization’s manpower. Maintaining the users’ accounts and passwords becomes a sincere matter of concern in order to manage the entire administrative works. For the administrators, it becomes quite troublesome if they have to handle all the admin tasks without having a suitable tool.

Active Directory is a database that monitors all the user accounts and passwords of an organization in an efficient and flawless manner. It acts as the central location for network administration and security. The Active Directory is a useful mechanism that ensures reliable working environment for the end-users in small as well as medium sized organizations by providing highest level of performance and increased work efficiency.

Some of the benefits of Active Directory are discussed below:

1.Enhances employee productivity.

2.Reduces burden on information technology administration.

3.Improves security of data.

4.Enhances fault tolerance to minimize downtime.

5.Supports the Active-Directory-enabled applications.

The Structure of the Active Directory

The Active Directory is structured in an easy hierarchical structure where every object can easily be viewed. There are multiple viewing levels such as forests, trees and domains or objects. The forest is the parental part and the place where every tree and domain can be viewed. The tree is the part which contains one or multiple domains. An object is defined as the element that contains another object having own properties or schemas which can be accessed or modified. The major purpose of Active Directory is to manage the objects. The objects can be hardware or software resources like printers or scanners and server.

Working of Active Directory

The most important thing with Active Directory is that it offloads the overburden of administrators by updating and upgrading the systems in virtual one step process. Consider a scenario where you need to install a new security application. If several computers exist in the network, the process will be cumbersome. But Active Directory makes this task very easy with its forest structure. You just need to update one object and all others are automatically done. Moreover, the structure is very flexible which allows you to make changes to specific objects also. As each object has its own schema, the administrator can assign a particular task to a user and use certain software without giving access to everyone.

Apart from the admin works, there are several IT related works that an Active Directory reporter performs. This tool acts as a provider that helps you in reducing your own time by preventing incidents occurring on your network. This service also monitors, manages as well as resolves all IT related problems and provides a defined set of services to the clients. There are several Microsoft Active Directory tools available which can be opted as your preferred solution.

Lepide Active Directory Management & Reporting is a prominent solution to all the administrative problems in an organization. This effective tool provides centralized single platform to easily manage large network of an organization unit.